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Image by Michael Maasen


Our artists will have at their disposal - a panel of carefully selected SONGWRITERS as per their genre - to aid them in delivering the highest standard of content.


Right from pre-production to mastering - our artists will have access to industry class producers and engineers to assist in the pursuit of the perfect sound.

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi


In association with the New York based label, all releases will be made through DOWNTOWN RECORDS - ensuring that the distribution our artists' music isn't compromised.


The biggest challenge faced by all in the industry is that of social media marketing and the ever-changing trends associated with it. Our dedicated marketing team will ensure that promotions are handled according to each platform's requirement across the board.

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Image by Icons8 Team


Careful monitoring of Audioverse Music's streaming analytics will ensure that all artists/ songwriters/ will receive their due of royalty to the dot. 


ONE EARTH AWARDS is a 3-year-old awards program that we have been hosting, to honour exceptional performance in music and short film.


All our artists will be eligible for these awards upon release of their music, thereby giving them the opportunity to stand toe-to-toe with exceptional performances from the industry & the independent movement alike.

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